Heavy rain in Ubon Ratchathani slightly increases flood level.


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On Friday 13th September 2019, Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department, Dr.Thongplew Kongjun said heavy rains during 1.00 am - 4.00 am in Ubon Ratchathani measured 75 mm of rainfall, resulting in the water level at M.7 Gauge Station located near Seriprachathippatai Bridge with a slightly higher. At 6.00 am, the water level was higher from the bank by 3.97 m. The amount of water flow pass the M.7 Gauge Station at 5,250 m3/s, slightly increased from the previous forecast, and it is expected that the water level will rise higher than the bank by 4 m. The amount of water flows at 5,300 m3/s this afternoon.


The Royal Irrigation Department has coordinated with relevant agencies. Publicize and alert people in the area to be aware. However, there is a preparation to accelerate the drainage water to the Mekong River faster.



30 May 2020
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