thongpleawMr.Prapit Chanma
Director General

thaweesakDr.Thaweesak Thana-dachopol
Deputy Director General for Operation and Maintenance
SuriyapolMr.Suriyapol Nutanong
Deputy Director General for Administration
ChalearmkiatMr.Chuchat Rakjit
(Acting)Deputy Director General for Engineering
ChuchatMr.Chuchat Rakjit
Deputy Director General for Construction

WatcharaMr.Watchara Suidee
Executive Advisor on Irrigation Engineering
(Operation and Maintenance)
PongsatornMr.Watchara Suidee
Executive Advisor on Civil Engineering
 (Survey and/or Design)


Mr.Pongsatorn Sirion
(Acting) Executive Advisor on Civil Engineering
(Project Planning)
ChutintornMr.Chutintorn Phetchai
Executive Advisor on Civil Engineering
(Project Planning)


PrapitMr.Prapit Chanma
Department Chief Information Officer (DCIO)


SuriyapolMr.Suriyapol Nutanong
Chief Data Officer (CDO)



30 November 2022
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